According to my 10yr old, we make the best candles in the whole entire universe!

The truth is that the majority of all great candles are made using the same high end products, quality soy wax and beautiful fragrances, resulting in perfectly crafted candles.
So why choose our candles?
As a candle connoisseur myself I've always loved to buy candles, not only for myself but also as a gift for other people, because who doesn’t love a candle right?
A house filled with a gorgeous scent, that soft flickering light, I mean candlelight is the next best thing to beer goggles, it makes everything look and smell better.
BUT the dilemma I always had when buying candles is choosing the scent.
When buying candles as a gift I would procrastinate on the scent, the stress!
And when purchasing a candle for myself I cannot go past buying my favourite ( I have scent loyalty) even though I would love to branch out from my candle comfort zone and try new things I'd always default to my fav.
Sooooooo, as a solution to both of these problems I invented the Candle tower. 
Each Candle Tower is finely curated to ensure that you get 3 incredible scents in one purchase. We have launched with our pre-made Christmas Candle Towers just in time for the holiday season. For more information just click on the Candle Tower page and choose your favourite!